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Our Services

We have great knowledge and experience
to cover all types of maritime and industry services.

CIBS is a global service organization dedicated to providing efficient and competitively priced marine classification, survey, inspection, training and consultancy services, wherever you are.



Quality inspection: ascertain you are paying for the product that you have asked for it. CIBS will insure that the goods are compliant with your requirements with the 5 points services:

  1. Auditing the manufacture capability,

  2. Initial inspection of goods produced ,

  3. Audit at different stages of production,

  4. Final production,

  5. Packaging & loading.

Before you pay the balance of your goods, CIBS will provide you with an accurate status and quality of your good.

Quality/Quantity Survey are performed to verify quality materials as per customers requirements and contractual specifications and final products. Services offered but not limited to, are:

  • Audit

  • testing

  • Inspection

  • Inspection during fabrication of products

  • Equipment at the maker‘s place

  • Final Inspection of completed equipment & material

  • Inspection of used equipment or products

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